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Berentin History

Kashan Berentin Carpet co. was founded about 3 decades ago in 1370 (1991). The very first stage was making (producing) machine which resulted in doithbuton of over to unit of nochincoride.

activity as the second stage in carpet industry was making 320 - and 480 - transverl density machine woven carpets using machinary. production was accomparied with a uified motivation " "Invation and cretiving in carpet design pergormance and exposure". And this wayi the Modern Berentin Carpet was evolved . one of  the spelendors of Kashan Modern Carpet bridging between the imagnificent past and cretive present.

Berentin Brand Identity

As we know , Brand Indentity includes all the visual vvuisual, targible and  intargible elements that a brand needs to  make,improve and itabilte  a correct perception and picture in the   customer's  mind. Definitely this is   one of the most caring concerns of Berentin Co which can also  be found in multiple elements of its  trade mark identity.

the title logo, slogan,apparent shape, graphice, ... all imply  this context unity. Apart from the interconnection  between   Modernity and  tradition, this  cohesion is trying to  present a  clear and tranparent picture of its pootessional  performance.

هویت برند برنتین

Berentin Management Team

At the present in Berentin .co there are over a handevel people working in diffrant parts such as production,designing,trading,branding and financial office. this Company is headed by Mr Tarighat Panah grauduated from Huston University along with his sons
This manufacturing Plant,contarning is big halls,such as storehouses for raw materials and findeproduct and the production hall is continuously producung modern carpets with the best quality using the most equipped up-to-date machinary.

تیم مدیریتی برنتین

Etymology Of Brentin

This word (Berentin) has variety of meanings, all signtying common aspects like "consistency" , "good-reputation" and "belonging to the mother land". the other meaning is a surface made of flat and compact soil whose parallel and deep grooves are keeping the running waters. like mise,it's the name of the brave Ivanian Commander who created many epic stories confrontiny Alevander the great. And finally the last one is related to one of the connties of Rudan city in Hormozgan Province whose people are historially said to have dealth with big diffrent crises in diffrent times.

Berentin Phylosophy

In the definition of the core business of  Berentin Brand , we have deeply enjoyed the complication,miniolisln and the originalelegance of persium carpets.
the disign are according to the last international grades in drichtal  fashion foe maching carpet industry ,inspired by the eanteuporary art. speaking of designs,it should be noted that, there are well-known  designs along with modern arts,gemetrical are accuracy and lots of considerations in details.